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(Delta Chapter)


Atlanta is the hotbed for diverse entrepreneurs who are redefining how we live, work and play in the cities of tomorrow. Are you interested in how to start your own business either on the web or a brick-n-mortar shop?  Do you want to better understand why major corporations like Porsche choose to anchor their business interests in cities like Atlanta? 

(Epsilon Chapter) VILLANOVA

Urban BUSINESS Development 

Are you curious about how cities and professional sports teams collaborate to design, engineer, market and construct entertainment venues?  Are you interested in running your own business someday?

If so, come spend a couple of weeks at Villanova University where we will develop your knowledge of what it takes to be a successful business entrepreneur. 



(Zeta Chapter)


Welcome to “THE City” …. New York City!  Are you interested in learning how millions of dollars are made by business entrepreneurs who are the architects, designers, developers, and urban planners of this massive real estate empire?  Are you interested in becoming a brick-n-mortar or web-based entrepreneur? 

Then join us in the big city of New York for a couple of weeks in early July!