Affinity Groups/Associations: “Paying It Forward”, not only communicates the dedication to expose a new class of talented students to the environment of a select college; it also satisfies the interests of alumni associations, industry focused associations, and various other affinity group organizations interested in designating their financial support to programs that directly seek to increase the number of talented students matriculating into the college/university each year. We seek support from individuals as well as affinity groups such as alumni associations to provide the funding for NEXUS Program. The affinity groups contributions are sent directly to the host university and credited to the individual or affinity group as gifts for the university.


Corporations: Successful companies realize the value of a diverse workforce. The NEXUS database of graduates allows corporate recruiter’s access to undergraduate students seeking internships and entry-level positions.  As a corporate sponsor all financial support for the NEXUS Program is paid directly from the corporation to the university.