Our 2016 partnership with the Scripps-Howard School of Communication and Journalism at Hampton University welcomed 24 top-talent students. Among those invited to participate in the DREAM Digital Media Academy were five (5) students entering in their senior year in high school in the fall of 2016.  After a rigorous 4-day SAT prep, administered by Sylvan Learning Systems; followed by a fully proctored SAT Practice Exam, the NEXUS student’s exam scores were reviewed by the Vice-Provosts office for early admissions consideration.  Upon review, it was determined that all five rising seniors would be given automatic acceptance into Hampton University, based upon academic transcripts provided, prior actual SAT/ACT scores as well as the results pulled from the practice exam delivered during the program. 

Hampton University recognized the academic strength of the students NEXUS was able to recruit for their summer Digital Media Academy.  They were able to seize the opportunity to accept top talent by introducing them to the university, its culture and academics! Way to go Hampton U!

Kids Accepted.jpg