Senior Peer Leader (SPL) – Reporting to the Operations Director, responsible for executing the daily logistics/plans as formulated by the Curriculum and Operations Directors.  The Senior Peer Leader is also responsible for managing the Peer Leaders and Production Assistants.  The SPL must reside in the dormitory during the program period including up to three-days prior to the start.  


The Peer Leader (PL) - is responsible for the supervision, safety, and well being of the summer program participants. The PL helps create a community where the participants can succeed socially and academically. The PL informs students of the University’s rules and expectations and works to ensure that these guidelines are followed. While students are in class, PL commitments include attendance at daily meetings, planning and preparing student activities and events, and assisting with any residential program needs that arise. The PL is also responsible for conducting the daily and weekend activities and events for students.


The Production Assistant (PA) - serves as the “go to” support for the Senior Peer Leader in the daily operations of the program. He/she is responsible for managing the setup and tear-down of all daily activities.  These tasks include working with staff and event planning coordinator to ensure materials and rooms are setup and ready for students and guests at each session.  Stocking the classrooms and dorms with snacks for the participants.  Traveling ahead to coordinate smooth welcoming for all field trips in collaboration with the Senior Peer Leader.  Making sure all a/v equipment is ready for all guest presenters and instructors.


Operations Liaison Director (OLD) –reporting to the Vice President of Operations, responsible for executing the daily logistics/plans as formulated by the Curriculum and Vice President of Operations. The Operations Liaison Director is also responsible for managing the Senior Peer Leaders, Peer Leaders, and Production Assistants. The OLD must reside either in the dormitory, on-campus, or a nearby campus location, during the program period including up to three-days prior to the start. Specifically, the Operations Liaison Director Ensures that the Senior Peer Leaders and Peer Leaders are equipped to manage the minute by minute experience for all participants.


Step Master – will teach student groups of 25-50 high school students the skills necessary for stepping. Have the ability to produce rhythms and sounds through a mixture of footsteps, spoken word, and hand claps. Choreograph a full routine and teach step techniques such as; warm-up, transitional steps, sections, and placement, to students. Lead all rehearsals in preparation for final presentation. Create an environment of active and genuine learning by employing a range of teaching strategies that meet the needs of all students which include both females and males


Socio-Emotional Development Consultant- Provides , Program Development for high school students social, emotional and relational development. Designs session topics that engage participants in regulating their emotional system. Organizes non-traditional college preparatory programming to reflect a more holistic approach. Provides progress reports and assessments of participants at the request of administration. Assist the administration with coordinating sessions. Capture the creative talents of participants an empower them to succeed in their academic experiences. Conduct surveys, collect attendance sheets, and updates on participant progress with administration.