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What Happens During The Program?

Choose An Area of Interests for 2019:

  • Architecture
  • Technology
  • Business Entrepreneurship
  • Urban Planning/Development/Construction
  • Banking/Wall Street Finance
  • Community Development

• Live on College-Campus for 12-days • Treated like a College Freshman • All Project Work – Team Based • Rigorous Final Team Project Competition • Site Visits – (Porsche, Oculus, Tyler Perry Studios, Many More) • Citywide “Amazing Race” Team Competition. • Fireside Chats – Professional Entrepreneurs • Stepping – Taught by Frats/Sorors • Sports – Access to University Workout Facilities • Free SAT Prep by Princeton Review with Full Practice Test • Weekends at the Park, Beach, Amusement Park, Baseball Game or Mall • Tons of SWAG!!! • Great Food – “WE LOVE LATE NIGHT UBER EATS"....and much more!