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University of Denver

University of Denver

Teen Entrepreneurship Challenge

  • Grade 10 & 11.  For Colorado Residents ONLY. 

  • GPA = 3.0 (on 4.0 Scale)

Learn 4 Essentials of Starting Your Own Business

1) Entrepreneurship: Learn how to set up a business with entrepreneurship training

2) Developing a Foundation: Using technology, research, data analysis and finance

3) Building The Story: Establish your companies unique brand in the marketplace

4) Communication: Implement digital and offline marketing strategy to reach target customer

  • Team Competition – Establish New Business Idea for Denver’s re-development of the 5-Points Area.

  • Learn What It Really Takes to Thrive In College: understanding - angst, anxiety, socio-emotional well-being, essay writing, resume preparation, creating Linked-In prof. profile. 

  • ENJOY!: Field Trips – Mountain Resorts, Ice-Skating, Swimming, StepShow, BBQ’s, Sports, Horse-back Riding, Kickbacks.


About University of Denver:

  • Private – Competitive

  • Small School 5,300 undergrads.

  • Located in Urban, Denver CO.

  • 53% Admissions Rate.

  • Popular majors include: Finance, Psychology, International Relations.

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